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We are firm believers that people are the key to a company’s success. We, therefore, seek to partner with talented management teams that have relevant industry expertise and experience scaling businesses. In cases where founders ultimately want to exit the business, we look for rising executives within the organization who are ready to take on larger roles.


Great businesses, particularly when optimized with technology, can serve as excellent platforms for rolling up smaller, less-efficient competitors. We seek to invest in industries where many such acquisition opportunities exist.


For 25 years, Chrysalis Ventures has been the capital partner of choice for talented management teams across the Midwest and Southeast. While we will invest anywhere we believe we can add value, we have a particular interest in investment opportunities in the middle of the country.


We believe that many businesses, while successful in their own right, have opportunities to grow faster and/or deliver their product or services more efficiently with technology. We seek businesses where we believe our expertise in predictive analytics and technologies that empower workforces can make a meaningful difference in a company’s growth trajectory.


We want to be hands-on partners with the teams in which we invest. We only invest in companies where we believe we can add value beyond our capital so we can be active thought partners with management and assist in acquisitions, business development, operations, strategy, and finding ways to apply technology.


We seek established businesses that have proven they can make money at their current scale and have a footprint that can serve as a foundation for future organic and inorganic growth. Specifically, we seek to invest in companies with $1-10 million of EBITDA.


Chrysalis Ventures actively sources and nurtures promising early-stage and expansion-stage companies, and occasionally invests in other select opportunities (e.g., roll-ups). We rarely invest at the seed stage and prefer to invest in companies that are already generating at least $1 million in revenue.

Chrysalis Ventures
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Chrysalis Ventures invests in opportunities where we believe technology and our expertise can be applied to businesses in partnership with talented management teams to build enduring value.

Drawing lessons from 25 years of investing in and building more than 70 companies across the country, often from the earliest stages of a company’s life cycle, Chrysalis Ventures invests in businesses focused on growth over the long term. This often includes partnering with profitable companies to drive optimization through technology and growth through acquisition. It can also include making highly selective investments in earlier-stage technology companies led by visionary, experienced leadership.

We invest in established companies with a track record of success, stable earnings, and the ability to grow through technological optimization and acquisitions as well as select technology-driven, high-growth, early-stage businesses.​

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