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Chrysalis Ventures invests in opportunities where we believe technology and our expertise can be applied to businesses in partnership with talented management teams to build enduring value. We invest in established companies with a track record of success, stable earnings and the ability to grow through technological optimization and acquisitions as well as select technology-driven, high-growth, early-stage businesses.

Drawing lessons from 25 years of investing in and building more than 70 companies across the country, often from the earliest stages of a company’s life cycle, Chrysalis Ventures invests in business focused on growth over the long term. This often includes partnering with profitable companies to drive optimization through technology and growth through acquisition. It can also include making highly selective investments in earlier-stage technology companies led by visionary, experienced leadership.

Investment Criteria

Chrysalis Ventures invests primarily in Healthcare and Technology companies. We invest in transformative businesses, not intellectual property or science experiments. We focus on regional businesses that will have a national impact and typically invest early, committing our operational and industry expertise to help build enduring businesses.  We have a preference for businesses in overlooked, less crowded niches.


Talented Management Team

We are firm believers that people are the key to a company’s success. We, therefore, seek to partner with talented management teams that have relevant industry expertise and experience scaling businesses. In cases where founders ultimately want to exit the business, we look for rising executives within the organization who are ready to take on larger roles.

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