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David Jones Speaks With Health Plan Week

Health Insurers Track Startups for Ideas, Investment Amid Venture-Capital Boom By Patrick Connole, Managing Editor September 8, 2014Volume 24Issue 30 Venture capital is flowing into the digital health space at rates that by midyear 2014 had already eclipsed what was seen for all of last year, according to new industry data. That leaves health insurers to consider investments…
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Executive Predictions

Last year we asked a few people in our network to anticipate, with absolutely nothing on the line, what 2013 would bring. There is always, of course, something on the line–we dug up some of their responses in order to evaluate their performance with the benefit of hindsight. We have also roped a few more…
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The Costly One Percent

A recently released report by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, detailed medical care expenses are highly concentrated among a relatively small proportion of individuals in the United States. The report explains: The costliest one percent of patients account for 21 percent of U.S. health spending; Five percent of patients accounted for 50 percent…
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Big Data’s Vertical Impact

Corporations have figured out how to collect massive amounts of data, but if it can’t be translated and analyzed to achieve business objectives, why collect it?  Big Data, which is characterized by three Vs, namely Volume, Variety and Velocity can be a major force in running of any large or medium sized businesses as it…
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Consumer Health Investment Strong in August

The August numbers are in and StartupHealth has recorded an increase in investment in consumer health companies for the month.   The monthly report shows 50 U.S.-based health tech startups raised $242 million in August, which marks just about a 1.5% increase over the same period last year when investors closed 40 deals worth $246.4 million….
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Insurance Exchanges: Americans Attracted to Choice

Results from a recent study by Accenture Research found that nearly 1 in 5 Americans will purchase benefits from a health insurance exchange by 2017.  Insurance exchanges, mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, will transform the way Americans shop, purchase, manage and consume healthcare. According to the study results, state health insurance…
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HealthIT: Progress Shown, Challenges Ahead

In collaboration with the Harvard School of Public Health and Mathematics Policy Research, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released a report analyzing health information technology in the United States. The report analyzed the following areas and we’ve detailed a few key points below: Progress on adoption of electronic health records In 2012, 40% of office-based…
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Healthcare IT Investing Still Hot In July

Each month, Startup Health Insights reports venture capital investment in health tech companies.   Forty-five U.S.-based health IT companies raised a total of nearly $214 million.  That’s about 90% more capital than startups in the field raised in July 2012.  Below are the results of their July 2013 report. Top healthIT industry sectors attracting capital in…
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Number Crunchers

Here at Chrysalis, we love us some data. Venture investing isn’t all about “trusting the gut” after reading through a business plan or listening to an elevator pitch, when deciding whether to partner with an entrepreneur. A considerable amount of time is spent by a venture capitalist in the due diligence process — crunching industry,…
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Intervention Insights

Intervention Insights, Grand Rapids, MI, is a health information services company helping community oncologists incorporate molecular oncology into their practice.