General Resources

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs build great businesses. As active partners, we strive to invest our experience, partnerships and knowledge, in addition to our capital. We often are asked to provide insight into how we evaluate business plans and investment opportunities, and to suggest resources that aid entrepreneurs in their pursuit of venture investment. We hope the following recommendations will help you prepare for a successful venture capital journey.

If you are not in Louisville, contact Chrysalis to arrange a meeting either via teleconference or on one of our many trips around the Mid-West and Southeast.

Chrysalis’ specific investment criteria can be found on our Investment Criteria page.

When reviewing investment opportunities, we tend to keep in mind a set of questions generally applicable to early- or expansion-stage companies. Regardless of whether you approach us or another investor, ready answers to these will offer a strong foundation for discussion.

Increasingly, we find resources for entrepreneurs springing up across the web, and recommend the following as particularly useful:

NVCA is “the official voice of venture capital,” an online destination where you can find timely, accurate and useful information on issues, trends and events related to the venture capital ecosystem and National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) initiatives. This blog will keep you apprised of developments related to all things venture including public policy issues, industry research, market developments and other happenings.

Chrysalis is always looking for the next great early-stage or expansion-stage company and would like to hear about yours. Please send us your business plan at