Current Portfolio

  • AfterBOT, Atlanta, GA, a provider of software and services to retailers which enable them to share real-time point-of-sale transaction information with suppliers and consumers.

  • CerviLenz, Cleveland, OH, a manufacturer and distributor of a disposable device used to predict the risk of preterm birth in pregnant women.

  • Connecture, Waukesha, WI, a provider of integrated web-based sales and service automation solutions for the health insurance industry.

  • Continuum 700, Jackson, MS, an owner of 700 MHz wireless spectrum licenses.

  • Cybera, Nashville, TN, a provider of networking and security solutions for multi-site businesses.

  • Foundation Radiology Group, Pittsburgh, PA, a provider of diagnostic imaging and radiology services to hospitals through a unique hybrid staffing model.

  • HCCA Holdings, Nashville, TN, a leader in global healthcare recruitment and staffing services.

  • Health Information Designs
    , Philadelphia, PA, a provider of automated pharmaceutical management software solutions to health plans and pharmacy benefit management companies.

  • HealthTeacher, Nashville, TN, is the interactive leader in youth health, creating games, apps, and educational resources that make health awesome for kids. HealthTeacher’s research-based products are designed to get kids moving and to develop healthy behaviors that last a lifetime.

  • Intervention Insights
    , Cambridge, MA, is a health information services company helping community oncologists incorporate molecular oncology into their practice.

  • ITC Compounding Pharmacy, Castle Rock, CO, provides compounding pharmacy services, healthcare marketing services and a coordinated care platform.

  • meQuilibrium, Boston, MA, a provider of personalized online stress management solutions for consumers and employers.

  • MyHealthDIRECT, Nashville, TN, a provider of web-based access management solutions to healthcare providers and payers.

  • Regent Education, Frederick, MD, a provider of financial aid management solutions to higher education market.

  • StraighterLine, Baltimore, MD, a provider of online general education courses to postsecondary students.

  • WorkWell Prevention & Care, San Diego, CA, the leader in “pre-hire to retire” prevention, wellness and treatment, WorkWell Prevention and Care helps cut cost out of your organization and makes managing your workforce and your workforce budget more sure and predictable. (Formerly NextImage Medical.)

  • Xlerant, Norwalk, CT, a financial services software company licensing budget preparation software for mid-sized and large organizations.