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2012 1st Quarter Newsletter

Healthcare's "Perfect Storm"

Our U.S. healthcare system is in desperate need of solutions. I'm sure you're aware that healthcare is a huge ($2.7 trillion) and growing (at 3x inflation) part of the U.S. economy, which is increasingly contributing to the country's ongoing fiscal crisis. We already spend more per capita than anyone else in the world, often on new "bugs and drugs" that are much more expensive but don't create a correspondingly healthier population; I call this our "sick care" system. Without change, the combined effects of increasing costs, an aging population, epidemic obesity and provider shortages will bring the system to the breaking point.

As a long-time healthcare investor, I'm glad to report that now, more than ever, many causes are combining to create a "perfect storm" of disruptive change and leading to an attractive investment climate … read more »


New Investments

Intervention Insights

Intervention Insights provides genomics-based cancer treatment recommendations. A participant in the personalized medicine space, the company's OncInsights product is an information service for oncologists that matches a genetic analysis of a patient's tumor with the universe of drug therapies.  read more »


MeQuilibrium provides a digital lifestyle management platform designed to provide customized support for individuals in uncovering, assessing, and managing the stresses in their lives. We are excited to back CEO Jan Bruce, who founded meQuilibrium in 2010 during her tenure as entrepreneur-in-residence at Chrysalis.  read more »


CV's investment in XLerant reunites Chrysalis with one of its most successful entrepreneurs, CEO Ted Dacko. Dacko formerly served as CEO of HealthMedia, leading it to a successful acquisition by Johnson & Johnson in 2008 and delivering an almost 18x return to Chrysalis.

By taking over XLerant, Dacko returns to his roots in financial services (previously, Dacko was a senior executive at Hyperion, which was acquired by Oracle for over $300 million).  read more »

Portfolio Highlights

A few highlights from our portfolio:

  • HealthTeacher's products reach more than six million students in more than 20 states - some 10% of all schoolchildren in the United States.
  • Foundation Radiology Group evaluated nearly 1 million medical images and quintupled sales in 2011.
  • Regent Education successfully processed almost $100 million of student financial aid in one month last fall.
  • HCCA Holdings' revenue grew by more than 250% year over year with some subsidiaries growing by more than 400%

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