Pedal To The Metal: The State of the Innovation Ecosystem in Michigan

Recently, Chrysalis managing partner Koleman Karleski spoke with, to discuss the state of the current innovation ecosystem in Michigan.  Chrysalis has been investing in Michigan-based companies for nearly two decades and, as Koleman articulates, continues to see strong companies being built and grown there.

The news article can be found here.  Koleman emphasizes the number of companies funded annually — not the amount invested — provides a better gauge of progress because it’s an indication of entrepreneurial activity.  The dollar amount invested can vary widely from year to year based on the companies seeking funding and where they are in their lifecycle.  Maintaining a strong crop of companies attracting the attention of venture investors, shows the state’s innovation ecosystem is dynamic and strong.  Below is a historical look at venture investment in the state.

VC Investment in Michigan-based Companies, by year