Where’s The Job Growth In Tech?

As technology advances and continues to impact the way almost every industry does business, Network World analyzed data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to determine the top geographies for highest technology job growth.  Below is the ranking and a few thoughts as to why the top five geographies are experiencing tech job growth:

1.  New Jersey:  5.2%

The BLS data shows that New Jersey is now in the top five in terms of tech workforce size, along with California, Texas, Virginia and New York.

2.  Massachusetts:  4%

Tech firms are attracted to geographies with a high volume of talent.  Along with startups, traditional tech firms maintain a Boston presence for proximity to the region’s universities, producing graduates with strong tech stills.

3.  Missouri:  3.8%

St. Louis has created a strong tech company incubation network through government support.

4.  Texas:  3.3%

Texas has grown a diverse business landscape with many cloud software companies in Austin; healthcare, financial and insurance companies in Houston; the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas; and defense contractors in San Antonio.

5.  New York:  2.6%

The New York tech startup community has grown tremendously over the years.  Thus, attracting talent and becoming a funnel of employment into large tech companies.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reported the specific IT sectors that are experiencing growth: