Once A Patient, Now A Consumer

Now more than ever, patients are become discerning consumers of their own healthcare.  They have mounds of data available at their fingertips and they are taking charge of their health.  The National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) conducted its annual Stakeholder Survey, collecting feedback from over 200 healthIT stakeholders.  Below are some of their findings.

The respondents ranked privacy and security as the most important healthIT and HIE challenge to address this year.

It’s clear the healthcare industry recognizes they have no choice but to engage with consumers.  So how do they plan to communicate?  Currently, 35% of respondents provide marketing or educational materials electronically.  The most number of respondents (38%) said they would deliver information electronically to patients, followed by offering a patient portal (33%) within the next year.

“Just like any other industry, providing information to your customer in a way they will consume it is imperative.  Widespread electronic delivery of health records and information is the next step in the integration of the health and tech industries,” said Alan Ying, Venture Partner at Chrysalis.