Innovation Between The Coasts

There’s been considerable chatter about what “ingredients” a region must have to create an innovation ecosystem. We’ve discussed it here and here. Looking at regions that have attracted startups in the past, they all have one thing in common there’s one established, innovative anchor company that draw talent to the area (e.g. Dell in Austin, FedEx in Memphis or Medtronic in Minneapolis). While many entrepreneurs decide to move their company to Silicon Valley or Boston, we’ve seen this innovation progress and grow in the Midwest and South.

Recently, FastCompany named the 50 most innovative companies for 2012. Several of these innovative companies between the coasts will be the next generation of “cornerstone” companies that will attract startups.

The complete FastCompany 50 most innovative company list can be found here. Five of the top 50 companies are located between the coasts.

Fast Company also ranked the top 10 most innovative healthcare companies — three are located between the coasts.

We continue to see talented entrepreneurs innovate between the coasts.  As these companies between the coasts continue to grow, they will attract the startups and capital necessary to keep the innovation cycle progressing.