Engaged Patients Cost Less

Recently, Health Affairs Magazine published the results of a study showing helping patients help themselves saves money — doctors “partnering” with patients on a care plan really does make a difference in the care outcome and the cost of treatment.  Patients who don’t take a part in their own medical care end up costing the healthcare system big time.  An abstract of the study can be found here.

The results show patients who don’t take care of themselves cost between 8 percent and 21 percent more than patients who are actively engaged in their health care. Getting these patients more involved is absolutely essential to cutting the soaring medical costs in the United States, experts say.

To become a healthier country, Americans must become partners with their doctors — become more educated about their health.

Several of the companies in our portfolio do just this, they help patients take an active role in their wellness, health care and treatment.

meQuilibrium:  A digital coaching system for stress, which helps both individuals and corporations achieve measurable results in stress management and wellness.  Think “Weight Watchers for Stress”.

MyHealthDIRECT:  This company connects patients to the appropriate health care provider via a healthcare scheduling exchange.  MyHealthDIRECT software allows a provider to schedule a patient with a primary care physician for non-emergent care — to prevent expensive ER care in non-emergent situations.  MyHealthDIRECT’s solution promotes continuity of care, reduces unnecessary cost and utilization and ensures that patients are matched with appointments that best fit their needs and preferences.  Think of it as “OpenTable for scheduling doctor’s appointments”.