Small Startups Innovating Their Way Into Big Technology

Last week, the tech world flooded Las Vegas to showcase what’s hot at the Consumer Electronics Show.  At the event, everything new in technology was on display….everything you can’t buy for months, years…heck, it may never even be on the shelf to buy.

On the other side of the U.S., in Durham, North Carolina, one of our portfolio companies announced two significant customer wins.  We know…EVERY customer win is news in the startup world, but these two customers inked by Digitalsmiths are big — big for how Americans “consume” television and demonstrates how startups play a huge role advancing innovation within big technology companies.

We sit down with Chrysalis Partner, Wright Steenrod, who’s on the company’s board, to better understand the company and how they are changing the way American’s “consume” TV.

Q:  What is Digitalsmiths?  What technology have they developed?
Wright:  Digitalsmiths is the leader in personalized video search, discovery and recommendation technology.  With Digitalsmith’s technology, you no longer need to flip through all 400 channels to find something to watch.  Digitalsmiths “tags” content so you’re presented with recommendations based on your viewing interests.

Q:  Who are their customers?
Wright:  Their newest customers are Time Warner Cable and i.TV — just announced last week.  Both companies have selected Digitalsmith’s Seamless Discovery product.  i.TV will use Seamless Discovery as its primary search and recommendations solution for creating functionality on its applications to help consumers discover relevant video entertainment available across live and online sources.  Time Warner will integrate Digitalsmiths Seamless Discovery technology into search and recommendations functionality that connects Time Warner Cable subscribers to video entertainment they enjoy.  This is search more like we experience on the internet and not by flipping up and down the channel guide.

Q:  How does this advance the way American’s watch TV?
Wright:  There are multiple ways in which we can consume TV content now — on our smartphones, via traditional TV, online or pay-per-view.  Digitalsmiths allows people to easily find what they are looking to watch and/or recommend a show/movie based on what they’ve watched in the past or criteria they’ve customized.  It makes watching TV more efficient, personalized and customizable…factors we’re used to when consuming content online.

More about Digitalsmith’s news can be found here.