It’s 2013: Let The Change Begin

The ball dropped in Times Square, the confetti is in the garbage, we didn’t fall off the fiscal cliff and the Mayan calendar was proven wrong…..I guess that means it’s 2013.  And what does 2013 bring?  We will all start to see gradual changes to the U.S. healthcare system, due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Recently, The Washington Post compiled a list of “Five Ways Your Health Care Will Change in 2013.”  We’ve commented on a several below.

“Health-care cost growth will slow to a new low.”

What had been cutting edge pilots have now taken root in how insurance companies and hospitals perform their duties more efficiently.   For example, insurers and hospitals use MyHealthDirect to schedule patients into available physician slots, and use HCCA to perform nurse-related operations more cost effectively.


“Your insurance plan will be explained in plain English.”

Recently, Connecture conducted a survey and found that nearly half didn’t know how much their household paid for health insurance. Starting in 2013, insurance companies will have to send a summary of benefits and coverage in easy-to-understand terms.


“The Obamacare exchanges will open for business.”

Starting this year Americans will be able to review, compare and purchase health insurance like they have airplane tickets, using online tools called “exchanges.”   Connecture develops and operates such exchanges for states and insurance companies, which can affect the cost of healthcare.