In Two Words: Describe 2012 / Predict 2013

Well, it’s that time of year when we look back at what we’ve accomplished in 2012 and what lies ahead for 2013.  At Chrysalis, we look toward the future frequently — placing bets on industries and entrepreneurs who will shape the years ahead.

Below we’ve shared how we describe 2012 and, when we gaze into our crystal ball, what we predict for 2013 — in two words.  Thanks to portfolio company CEOs and our fellow board members for sharing their thoughts!

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Venture capital
2012:  “Contraction, results-orientation”
2013:  “Fragmentation, opportunity”
- Alan Ying, Venture Partner, Chrysalis

2013: “Thirsty, drenched”
- Ben Weinberger, CEO, Digitalsmiths

2012: “Hopeful”
2013: “Difficult”
-Doug Cobb, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Chrysalis

2012:  “Awaiting answers”
2013:  “Continued disruption”
- Randy Jones, CEO, Regent Education

Healthcare industry
2012: “Growth / profitability”
2013: “Focus / expansion”
- David Bartholomew, CEO, HCCA International

Healthcare IT
2012: “Fast-paced & Obamacare”
2013: “Rewarding & cliff-diving”
- Woody Woodburn, MD, MS, Director & Chief Medical Officer, Applied Pathways (Board Member, MyHealthDIRECT)

Worker’s compensation industry
2012: “Increasing insurance rates”
2013: “Increasing use of technology”
- Liz Griggs, CEO, NextImage Medical

Education/educational publishing industry
2012: “Continuing turmoil”
2013: “Greater clarity”
- Gary Facente, Chairman of EMC Publishing Co. (Board Member, HealthTeacher)

Digital media industry
2012: “Exploding, fruitful”
- Ben Weinberger, CEO, Digitalsmiths

Networking and security industry
2012: “Growth returns”
2013: “Growth accelerates”
- Cliff Duffey, CEO, Cybera

Industrial / Construction industry
2012:  ”Unsettled expectancy”
2013:  ”Challenging realities”
- Pete Strange, Chairman, Messer Construction Inc. (Board Member, iSqFt)

2012: “Little certainty”
2013: “More certainty”
- Dave Conway, CEO, iSqFt

Logistics / Transportation
2012: “Modest growth”
2013: “Higher costs”
- Morley Chandler, CEO, Golden State Overnight