Entrepreneurs: Re-Imagining from the Midwest & South

Mary Meeker’s annual “State of the Internet” presentation is a must-read for anyone within the innovation ecosystem — whether an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, or policy-maker.  If you haven’t read it yet, here it is.

We’re going to elaborate on these two points from her 88-page presentation:

  • Entrepreneurs are re-imagining everything – how we work, live and learn;
  • Geography is becoming less and less important.

The entrepreneurs we encounter, building businesses in the Midwest and South, certainly operate outside traditional coastal innovation hubs — and do so quite well.  According to Meeker’s predictions, geography will become less and less of an issue to entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and, most importantly, customers.

Meeker dives into how entrepreneurs are “re-imagining” all sorts of products and concepts.  Here are a few she lists:

  • Computing devices (from desktops/notebooks to tablets/smartphones)
  • User interfaces (from keyboard + mice = graphical user interface to touch + voice + gesture = natural user interface)
  • Photography (from Kodak to Instagram)
  • Navigation + live traffic (from gas station maps to apps and navigation systems)
  • News / information flow (from newspapers to Twitter)
  • Idea building & funding (from flyers to KickStarter)

If what Meeker says holds true that the future of innovation lies in the hands of entrepreneurs at small companies, anywhere in the world; a venture capitalists’ crystal ball is looking good for the coming years.

Here’s how entrepreneurs in our portfolio are re-imagining:

Education Industry














Media:  Search & Recommendation