Entrepreneurs From The South: Born, Bred, Educated and Retained, But Under-Ventured

NEWS ALERT: Silicon Valley, Boston and New York are the three largest innovation hubs in the U.S.  It seems like a day doesn’t go by when someone is claiming they’ve created jobs or built more companies in their state.

Well, here ya go; another report.  Recently, the Kauffman Foundation analyzed the geography of the Inc 500 firms, showing where high-growth companies are headquartered.  Stay with me here…..

Since Chrysalis invests primarily in companies located between the coasts, we’re interested in where the fast-growing companies are located outside the obvious innovation hubs mentioned above.

The top 20 metros that house these Inc. fast-growing companies include Salt Lake City, Utah, (2nd), Indianapolis, Ind., (6th), Buffalo, N.Y., (11th), Baltimore. Md., (15th), Nashville, Tenn., (18th), Philadelphia, Pa., (19th), and Louisville, Ky. (20th).

Are these unexpected locations for innovation attracting venture capital?  We took a look:


One thing is certain, entrepreneurs who build companies in this region do so because they want to — and find the conditions to build a company favorable.  If you build it, they may not come, but the company will more than likely grow.