We’re Part Of The 7%: Female CEOs Drive Innovation

Recently, Wall Street Journal reporter Deborah Gage reported on a study showing that the seven percent of 167,556 executives running venture-backed companies are female and their companies are more likely to succeed than companies where only males are in charge.

We have several female execs running companies in our portfolio — both serial entrepreneurs.  These execs certainly possess the leadership traits mentioned in the survey results.  They are both running companies in the healthcare IT industry — an industry prime for disruption and ready for startup innovation.

Jan Bruce, Chrysalis Entrepreneur-in-Residence and CEO, meQuilibrium                       

What is meQuilibrium?  

meQuilibrium is a provider of online stress management solutions for consumers and employers.  The company offers a personalized stress management program that helps people cope with the stress of daily pressures to get the most out of life. Available to individuals and as a corporate SaaS solution, meQuilibrium’s digital program is based on the clinically validated research of Chief Science Officer Dr. Andrew Shatte, a Brookings Institute Fellow, and Chief Medical Officer Adam Perlman, MD, Executive Director of Integrative Medicine and Wellness at Duke University. Headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, meQuilibrium was founded by CEO Jan Bruce, a successful serial entrepreneur in consumer health and wellness.

What’s new at the company?

meQuilibrium is only a few years old and already has gained traction in the wellness industry.  In September, Jan Bruce, meQ’s CEO traveled to Iowa and presented the keynote address at the 2012 Healthy Iowa Conference.  In her address, Jan explained:

    “People are making the connection that stress is making us sick, unproductive and ironically, fatter.  Businesses increasingly do, too. Research cites stress as a leading cause of hypertension, diabetes, infertility, sleep disorders and gastrointestinal disease, not to mention lost productivity, low morale and plain old absenteeism. This is a critical moment in our 24/7 lives to step back and assess how we are going to manage this national crisis over the next decades.”

Liz Griggs, Chairman & CEO, NextImage Medical

What is NextImage Medical?  

NextImage Medical, Inc. offers the next generation of radiology services management. Leveraging cutting edge technology, NIM offers high-quality, low-cost health care diagnostic solutions for worker’s compensation insurance, group health insurance, self-insured employers, third party administrators, and direct-to-consumers.

What’s new at NextImage Medical?

NextImage Medical leverages technology to provide their network with a high-quality, low cost solution to radiology.  Last month, the company announced the appointment of Shri Shrivas as the company’s new Chief Technology Officer.  With over 20 years of healthcare technology experience, Shrivas bring strong leadership and an extensive information technology knowledge to the company.  NextImage Medical recognizes that technology is what is driving healthcare forward and will certainly differentiate them in a very competitive marketplace.