Maybe the Elephants Really Can Dance!

by David A. Jones, Jr.

Originally appeared in Healthcare Musings

September 2012 - When the 900-page-plus Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted in March 2010, my first reaction was simple relief that the exhausting, incoherent, multi-year political spectacle had finally ended.  My second was that implementation of this committee-bred camel, representing the largest health system overhaul since the 1960s, would be a fiasco.

As wave after wave of incomplete draft regulations came out, about ACOs, medical loss ratio provisions, state exchanges and so on, I concluded that reform – whatever its substantive merits or defects – would fall of its own weight and fail to prod the elephantine healthcare-industrial complex to change in meaningful ways.

I may have an extreme perspective on the importance of disrupting the status quo. I am a venture capitalist … read complete article